VW Caravelle T3 with V8 Twin Turbo – 1200hp / 1500Nm


Stein Arne Lindvall, the owner and builder of this fantastic car, take us for a spin from Porsgrunn to Horten.

Here is some short clips from the ride…

The car has two settups. A setup for race on track. And one for normal (approved TUV, DUV, Dekra, KÜS, biltilsynet. ) for street use. 507 hp street use. 1200 hp race track.

It is a mid-engine car with a engine at 5.0 liter (302 cui) Chevrolet. Because of the venturishaped bottom plate (made of carbon fibre), this car have a huge downforce..

The car weighs about 800 kg more at high speeds ..